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Litigation at SERAJ Advocacy & Legal Counseling
We can support you in avoiding disputes but, when they are unavoidable, our lawyers can help you achieve a positive dispute resolution.

Dealing with disputes can be a difficult and stressful time in your life. But we will help make the process as simple and easy as possible. We will further improve your chances of achieving a favourable outcome. Indeed, we are experts in managing disputes in national courts. We provide advice in relation to the procedures and conduct of cases before all types of courts in Jordan. i.e., Magistrate Courts, First Instance Courts, Courts of Appeal, High Administrative Courts, and the Court of Cassation.

We believe the highest standards must be maintained to ensure ethical and professional excellence in the industry. We will represent and protect your interests when there is a dispute involving the law. We will help navigate you through all of the complex paperwork, and help you with your legal documents and advise on the time frame that each one should be completed.

Our team has the practice, experience and knowledge to efficiently resolve legal, regulatory and commercial disputes whenever they arise. We are committed to the effective resolution of disputes and we offer services which are both practical and commercial.

We are strongly positioned to counsel and protect clients in today’s challenging environment. Our litigation team is ready to assist in any crisis, whether the adversary is a government regulator, a competitor, or a well-funded class action attorney. Our lawyers have experience in a wide range of substantive areas including securities, criminal law enforcement, antitrust, commercial disputes, and intellectual property.

The areas of litigation experience of our lawyers include:                                  
  • Administrative litigation
  • Insurance coverage litigation
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Contracts disputes
  • IT disputes
  • Corporate and shareholder disputes
  • Cyber regulation
  • Antitrust and competition cases
  • Banking, including creditors rights and securities
  • Securities fraud, financial services, tax issues, shareholder rights
  • Construction and engineering disputes
  • Securities litigation and derivative litigation and disputes
  • Reputation management and media litigation
  • Product liability
  • Environmental and regulatory cases
  • Procurement
  • Professional risks
  • Property disputes
  • Transportation, including rail and aviation
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